Directrice de Recherche at CNRS in economics, at LAMSADE, I am interested in using complex systems technics (mainly agent-based) to study environmental issues.

My general approach is related to the notion of POLICY ANALYTICS, trying to re-think decision support in the context of public policy (please refer to my current projects).

In this perspective I am interested in self-organized activities of non-profit organisations (particularly in food chains), and am alsointerested in conflicts in face environmental controversies.

My past interest was more concentrated on the use of Agent-Based Simulations for analysing social complexity (environmental, organizational and market issues). I have always been interested in methodology issues.

Please consult my publications. (more general : ResearchGate, Hal-SHS)

The list of my phD students.

Here is an offer for a phD to start in septembre 2017 – in french, please ask for english version if you need one.