My current projects

Jeu de bien commun autour d’une pollution

After elaborating a role-playing game conceived for the education to common good dilemma and its implications, for children of age 10-18, along with Eludi, a game-design company, the game is being tested at the moment. A web page for getting the  content of the game will soon be available. The name of the game still has to be found.


Still slowly carrying on a research on an environmental controversy in South of France, about the pollution of the mediterranean sea because of an alumine production plant located near Marseille – several points of view are taken in this project:

  • Confrontation of the representations of actors and inhabitants
  • Building of an educational game related to this controversy, using a model of common-good provision game as an underlying theory
  • Representation of the complexity of polycentric decision-making in a historical conflict (in French context).